Other Amentities


The college has a spacious canteen within the campus. It provides different dining space for students and staffs. Sanitation and purity of water are given primary emphasis, and the agency in charge of the canteen provides various sorts of food and beverage for all the types of customers.

A separate canteen exclusive for women is also available near the Ladies waiting Hall.

Bank within College premises

S.T. Hindu College in collaboration with Dhanlaxmi Bank has opened a branch within the Campus. A bank on the college campus serves as a valuable and convenient resource for both staff and students. With its presence on campus, it not only provides essential banking services, but also offers a variety of financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the college community.

Staff members can benefit from the bank’s expertise in financial planning, investment options, and mortgage assistance. For students, the bank offers banking services, and also helps foster financial literacy and responsible money management amongst the college community. Staff members can easily handle their salary deposits and carry out banking transactions with ease, eliminating the need for off-campus trips during busy work days.

Additionally, students benefit immensely from having a local bank on campus. They can open accounts tailored to their specific needs, receive financial guidance, and learn about budgeting and saving strategies. The bank may also offer student-friendly services such as low-cost or no-fee accounts, attractive interest rates, and access to educational resources. Overall, the bank on the college campus plays a crucial role in promoting financial well-being, convenience, and empowerment for both staff and students.